The Bar Association is an independent institution with legal personality which establishes in the headquarters of capital of each province. The Bar Association is one of the oldest trade union institutions which was constituted independently in 26th February 1955 according to the independence bill of the Bar Association, although it had been existed under the supervision of the judiciary before that. The general assembly, the board of directors, the prosecutor's office and the lawyers' disciplinary court are among the pillars of each bar association center. The duties of the bar association are as follows:   1.     Issuance of internship and attorney’s license for candidates who meet the legal requirements.   2.     Extending the license of interns and lawyers   3.     Managing matters related to advocacy affairs and supervision of the actions of lawyers and trainees.   4.     Dealing with violations and disciplinary prosecution of lawyers and trainees by the prosecutor's office and the disciplinary court.   5.     leagal assistance.   6.     Taking measures to improve legal knowledge and experience of lawyers.   Alborz Bar Association is the 22nd association in chronological order and has about 1,800 trainees and lawyers. Before this, the lawyers of Alborz Bar Association were a part of the Iran Bar Association. Alborz Bar association officially became independent after going through the legal process and holding board elections in 2011. The Alborz Bar Association has always been known as a leading association in the trade union affairs of the advocacy society and defending the independence of the bar associations. One of the effective measures in this regard, was holding the 27th SCODA meeting in 2016. On the other hand, due to the importance of independency of lawyers as the pillar of fair proceeding, Alborz Bar Association hosts a grand ceremony to honor the lawyer’s day every year on February 25th. Covered jurisdictions in Alborz province include the cities of Karaj, Fardis; Eshtehard; Nazarabad, Hashtgerd and Taleghan, in which the lawyers of Alborz Bar Association are engaged in providing legal services to citizens.